The tradition of scholarly editions provides sophisticated ways of preserving texts over centuries, keeping them alive in constantly evolving receptions and commentaries. The idea of indexing a text, turning it into a network of interrelations and linking it with other texts, goes back to the tradition of editing scholarship. For today’s hypertextual environments the footnote already serves as a prototype of linking. HYPERKINO is based on this fruitful intertwining of textual criticism and innovative hypermedia technologies. We have connected the traditional principles of annotation with digital technologies and their mark up languages (like html), applying hypermedia principles of commentary to the linear medium of film. HYPERKINO annotations of a film are comparable to the footnotes and the commentary in historical-critical editions of texts, with the only difference being that they are comprised of various media forms (text, sound, pictures).

HYPERKINO provides

  • lasting quality in the presentation of the many treasures of world cinematography and film related material buried in the archives
  • preservation and presentation of films in their authentic and multiple versions
  • all necessary information about the film copies
  • a thorough historical contextualization of the film
  • a broad access to documentary and non-fiction film material

HYPERKINO was developed by Nikolai Izvolov ( The Cinema Art Academic Research Institute, Moscow) and Natascha Drubek-Meyer ( Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague). The name of the proposed method, HYPERKINO, is based on the analogy with HYPER-TEXT and concepts of textual criticism.

The method was described first in the article: Natascha Drubek-Meyer/ Nikolai Izvolov: “Critical Editions of Films on Digital Formats”, published in

- Russian: “Kommentirovannoe izdanie fil’mov na DVD: neobchodimost’ naučnych standartov”. In: Kinovedčeskie zapiski 72, p. 372-383.
- Czech: “Kritická vydání filmů v digitálních formátech”. In: Iluminace 2005/3; p. 127-137.
- English: “Critical Editions of Films on Digital Formats”, Cinema &Cie (autumn 2006).
- German: "Textkritische Editionen von Filmen auf DVD. Ein Diskussionsbeitrag", in: montage a/v. Zeitschrift für Theorie & Geschichte audiovisueller Kommunikation, 16/1/07, p. 183-199.



Example of Hyperkino DVD annotation screens and button over video in Engineer Pright's Project